Build Your Own Business

Build Your Own Business

If you believe in our mission of keeping little girls little and are ready to explore the amazing benefits of an entrepreneurial life, becoming an MJC Trunk Keeper may be right for you!

Opportunity to Earn

MJC Trunk Keepers are like boutique owners, without the boutique risk—and with a schedule that works for you and your family.

Starting Out

With a single starting cost of $1,600, you’ll receive everything you need to get started: an inventory assortment of Girls clothing and accessories, promotional items and marketing materials, rack, and hangers. We also have financing and payment plans available.

Unique Earning Potential

Here, the potential to earn really is unique. Our most successful Trunk Keepers are driven and resourceful—they build relationships and solve problems, with the support of the amazing TK network and our home office.

The potential to earn goes beyond just your personal sales. End-of-season sample sales can create revenue—and a fun touch point with your customer base.

And by recruiting new Trunk Keepers and building your own team who sell inventory, you can take part in the sales success of the group!

*If monthly sales are less than $2,500, commission is 20%.

“I joined Matilda Jane because I wanted a way to support my family. It gives us the ability to go on vacations and put our kids in gymnastics and other extra activities.” – Estee L.

Empowering Our Customers

Rewards, Recognition, and Impact

MJC Trunk Keepers have the potential to grow more than income—they grow as individuals, with no-cost training and personalized development plans. They grow their personal connections and networks. And they have the potential to enjoy rewards, like ah-mazing luxury incentive trips, as well as the opportunity for seasonal recognition at our twice-yearly sales conferences.

“Matilda Jane has changed how I see other women, families, businesses, entrepreneurship, and strength. With MJC, you grow, not just as a business owner, but also as a person. It will change your life and fill your cup in a way that you would never ever imagine. – Mimi L.

Finally, MJC Trunk Keepers help make the world a better place. Through our Spread the Love program, they are able to help girls and families in their own communities. And Matilda Jane’s championing of initiatives like Changing the Face of Beauty and Mighty Acorn Foundation creates an opportunity for MJC staff, Trunk Keepers, and customers to help create a better tomorrow for all.

Smile with Pride. Hear from Trunk Keepers.

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