It’s All About the Trunk Show

Sometimes when you put on a certain dress, you feel a certain way. When you put on Matilda Jane, you feel just happy and twirly. You just feel good.
Denise Demarchis, Matilda Jane Clothing Founder
The magic of Matilda Jane is that moment of sheer joy when you try on the outfit of your dreams. Our dream is that women and girls across the country will have those magic moments every day, and we do our little part by sharing the Matilda Jane magic in person, through our in-home Trunk Shows.

Trunk shows, facilitated by Matilda Jane Trunk Keepers, are fun, easy, and relaxed parties where you, your friends, and your girls can spend time together laughing, making memories, and finding that perfect twirl-worthy outfit together. Joy for your gal, joy for you!

Be a Jane

There’s only one thing better than attending a trunk show, and that’s hosting one! Our hostesses, affectionately referred to as Janes, earn great discounts and exclusive perks for each show they host.


The Perks of Hosting a Show

$300 1 --
$500 2 $25
$800 3 $25
$1,000 5 $75
$1,250 6 $75
$1,500 7 $100
$1,750 8 $100
$2,000 9 $150
$2,250 10 $150
$2,500 11 $175
$2,750 12 $175
$3,000 13 $225
For each additional $250 in guest sales over $3,000, you receive 50% off one additional item. For each additional $500 in guest sales over $3,000, you receive an additional $25 in free product. Free product can only be applied to full price items and may not be used in conjunction with your 50% discount. To qualify for these amazing perks, your trunk show must have a minimum of three guest orders of $300 plus, as well as your order.
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