Meet the Sisterhood

Build Your Own Business

Starting your own business can leave one feeling overwhelmed and alone. Not here. At Matilda Jane Clothing, we’re all in this together. And we will support you!

Support at Every Turn

MJC Trunk Keepers are family. Every Trunk Keeper has an Enrolling TK, a Team Leader, and corporate Field Development Director, all here to support your success. Most Trunk Keepers speak with other TK’s often—sharing best practices, resources, leads, and ideas.

Trunk Keepers meet nationally twice a year, at our Behind the Seams (January) and Dress Rehearsal (July) conferences. These events launch our seasonal collections, and offer opportunities to network, learn, bond, and receive recognition. Plus, they’re a ton of fun.

“Matilda Jane offers us so many resources. We have great leaders at home office, but we also benefit from our sister Trunk Keepers that support us, encourage us, and celebrate all of our successes with us.”– Ashley L.

We've Got Your Back

We’ve Got Your Back

MJC’s home office in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is a call or click away. Our robust support system includes:

  • In-Home Trunk Show Format and Best Practices
  • Continuous Training Support
  • Incredible Marketing Tools
  • A Complimentary, Personalized Website
  • Generous Customer Care
  • Corporate Field Support
  • An Abundant Resource Library
  • Jane Incentives
  • Leadership Development
  • Recognition & Rewards
Live with Soul. Hear from Trunk Keepers.

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