Host A Show

Be a Jane

Matilda Jane Clothing is exclusively shown and sold through the Trunk Show experience. A Trunk Show is when a Jane hosts a party and a Trunk Keeper showcases the amazing new styles that Matilda Jane has to offer.

Hosting a Trunk Show—and becoming a Jane—is easy peasy! Your Matilda Jane Trunk Keeper will provide your invitations and her full support for your big day. From setting up your Trunk Show with a beautiful display of samples of all of our Matilda Jane Clothing in various sizes, to helping you with tips on how to have a successful turnout for your show, your Trunk Keeper is there to help. So invite your friends and prepare them for a memorable experience! Your guests can place their order at your Trunk Show. Soon after, you’ll receive a box full of goodness (AKA, your entire Trunk Show’s order at your home) and the fun starts all over again. Share the excitement and prepare yourself for the happiest friends (and Matilda Jane girls) ever. And for you, our Jane? You’ll earn half-priced items and exclusive credit toward your own purchase. Trust us; this is fun—and easy!

How It Works

Matilda Jane Clothing is exclusively sold through our Trunk Keepers, most often at a Trunk Show. A Trunk Show is when a Jane—it could be you—hosts a party where a Trunk Keeper showcases the amazing new styles that Matilda Jane has to offer. It’s like a personal shopping event, right in your living room. Both you, your guests and their girls will be able to experience the newest Matilda Jane Clothing collection firsthand, try on the line and feel the incredible amount of love that was put into each and every piece. As host, the Jane is able to share the love and gather discounts toward her own purchase.

Friends who are not able to attend your Trunk Show in person can easily view the new styles online. The items they desire most can be added to a Wish List, which is then submitted to your Trunk Keeper before the show closes.

Janes earn Jane Perks based on total Trunk Show sales. A Trunk Show minimum order consists of just three or more orders totaling a minimum of $300 in retail sales, in addition to the Jane’s own order. The rewards and perks build from there. The more sales, the more perks you’ll receive. And what’s more, you will also receive one half-price item as a Referring Jane when any of your friends holds a Trunk Show booked from your Trunk Show. Since each of our full collections is presented in multiple releases throughout the season, you and your guests will want to plan shows for each release to be able to experience the entire collection in all its glory.

Find a Trunk Keeper

Would you like to host a Trunk Show but need to find a Trunk Keeper in your area? Or are you interested in purchasing the items you’ve saved to your Wish List? It’s easy. Simply click the link below and we’ll make sure one of our Trunk Keepers makes a personal connection in the next few days. We’re eager for you to experience the wonder of Matilda Jane Clothing we know you will love it just as much as we do.



4.17.2014 MJC Trunk Show fun! Find a TK here to join in!