Matilda Jane Platinum is a limited edition line that we design and manufacture primarily in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and sell exclusively through the Platinum website. These unique, small batch items take us back to our art fair days of creating pieces daily and selling them that weekend. (They are not included in our other collections.) 

We’re always working on new Platinum styles. Check back often for updates.


In Matilda Jane Clothing’s early years, we created new pieces almost every day, and were able to sell them at art fairs that very weekend. Matilda Jane Platinum captures that approach to design and manufacturing. The items in this ever-changing line are not included in our other collections and are produced in very small quantities. 

The purpose of the Platinum line is to keep our creativity sharp and reconnect to the thrill of finding inspiration, seizing the moment and designing 24/7—a designer’s dream! Our quantities are low because it’s not long until we’ve moved on to the next idea! Platinum allows us to enjoy our love of design in the months between creating our Trunk Show collections. 


11.19.2015 Now's the time to snag some Platinum holiday goodies with our Online Holiday Art Fair! Shop now through 11/22.