It is so much more than just clothes…

As a community, Matilda Jane works with a purpose: to bring happiness into the lives of the customers we adore and to Spread the Love to others as far as we can reach. Whether it's a special note in an order or volunteering in our community, we live to make people smile.
Giving BackThe success of Matilda Jane Clothing has created the opportunity for us to positively impact communities where we find need, from our own backyards to halfway around the world. From the very beginning, we wanted this company to make dreams come true. To Spread the Love. And to make the world a little better place, any way we could.


Giving Logos 

We're lucky enough to do all that (and then some) with programs and initiatives that range from our Janes Give Back program, which has raised more than $180,000 for 849 different organizations to date, to our partnership with Changing the Face of Beauty, an incredible non-profit that is committed to equal representation of people with disabilities in advertising and media, to our work in helping to build homes locally through Habitat for Humanity. The extended Matilda Jane family rolls up its sleeves and we put our hearts—and our hands—into every project we are part of. After all, that's who we are.

We couldn't do any of this without the support of our incredible team of Trunk Keepers, as well as the terrific customers who believe in what our company stands for and strives to do. We are thankful they've made it possible for us to make our own dreams come true.