Become a Trunk Keeper

As a Matilda Jane Clothing Trunk Keeper, you will build your own business while bringing the magic of Matilda Jane into your customers’ lives through Trunk Shows!

Your role at a show is to help your customers find their own “twirl”. You will be a styling expert, sharing all the ways that your customers can mix and match our unique clothing. You will be a fit adviser, helping every guest find the perfect fit that makes her sing with happiness. And you will be the value expert, showing your customers not only that our pieces can last for years, but also how they can get their wish list items for half price or free! But perhaps most importantly, you will bring joy, helping your customers and their daughters to turn finding that perfect outfit into a magical moment.

As if all this wasn’t enough, you will also have the opportunity to build your own business on your own terms. The potential is unlimited, and it is truly up to you!

“I love when I see my customers and I see that little girl try on that dress, and she begs her mom for it. It lights something inside of me. It’s like I’m doing something. I know it’s just clothes and it’s just an outfit for a little girl, but in my mind, I’m creating a memory for that mom.”
Kat, Senior Trunk Keeper, TX
“Matilda Jane allows me to be with my family and enjoy my daughter’s young age, but it also gives me an income to help support that. You couldn’t ask for a better opportunity.”
Dana, Senior Trunk Keeper, AL
“I have made some of my best friends through Matilda Jane, including my sister Trunk Keepers and my customers. That’s what it’s all about.”
Nicole, Senior Trunk Keeper, GA
“Matilda Jane is an adventure that you don’t want to miss.”
Kimberly, Trunk Keeper, MS

If you believe in sharing our mission to keep little girls little girls, are an entrepreneur at heart, and are excited about spreading the love of Matilda Jane at Trunk Shows, then we would love to have you!

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